04 June 2010

SILVERstudio is pleased to be providing design and support services to Bobby C. Poole LLC for exhibit design of the new Bay of Fundy Discovery Centre at the Huntsman Marine Science Centre in St. Andrews, NB.

05 May 2010

Virginia Aquarium & Marine Science Center

SILVERstudio is pleased to share the video posted by the excellent team at USA of the recently completed interpretive exhibits at the Virginia Aquarium and Marine Science Center. Bradley J. Converse AIA was the Senior Project Architect for this project while with Chermayeff and Poole.

05 April 2010

SILVERstudio is providing continued Construction Administration and Project Close-out services to the Virginia Aquarium's newly opened Restless Planet exhibit. This project was completed by Bradley J. Converse AIA while he was Senior Project Architect and Chermayeff and Poole and was featured in the 4 April 2010 travel section of the Boston Globe.

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05 March 2010

Who's Next?

SILVERstudio is pleased to have completed an entry to the Who's Next competition sponsored by Free Green. The home design is for a retired, empty nest couple who contemplate the future need for a home healthcare worker and wheelchair confinement as they age-in-place.

Simple in form, the design seeks to dematerialize and blend in with the landscape by wrapping the volumes in a reflective, embossed metal skin that returns pixelated views of the surrounding context.

Site orientation, high-efficiency appliance and mechanical systems, structural insulated panel (SIP) construction, rainwater harvesting for reuse and a raised-pier helical pile foundation system to minimize site disturbance all assist this home in minimizing it's environmental impact.

View the design here.